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In the mid-1960’s, as Little Rock was rapidly growing, the city was ripe for a westward expansion.  Little Rock accountant and businessman R.A. “Brick” Lile had a vision for an exciting new development. As a developer, Lile’s concept was to start a new Country Club on the edge of fast-growing west Little Rock, and that the new Country Club would serve as the primary amenity for residents who moved to a new development to be known as Pleasant Valley.  So, in 1968, the Pleasant Valley Country Club was born.

Pleasant Valley Country Club features an 18-hole golf course that has been recognized by Golf Digest as the 3rd best course in the state.  It also offers a great swimming facility, expansive tennis courts, and a leading chef who prepares

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Maumelle is a fast-growing, affluent suburb of Little Rock located along the north shore of the Arkansas River.  It’s unique in that it has a friendly, small-town “feel,” yet it’s nearness to Little Rock ensures that the bigger city’s amenities are close at hand. Some are surprised to learn that Maumelle is its own incorporated municipality and that it has the highest median household income in the state of Arkansas.  Here’s its story. 

Maumelle was named by European explorers prior to the Louisiana Purchase and derives its name from the French word mamelle.  In 1956, the Big Maumelle River was dammed to create the 8,900-acre Lake Maumelle, which is one of the main sources of drinking water for the Little Rock metropolitan area. In 1967, Jess

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Little Rock’s Historic Hillcrest neighborhood began as part of a land acquisition by a group of Michigan investors, led by two young lawyers, H. F. Auten and Edgar Moss.  In 1891, these businessmen formed the Pulaski Heights Land Company and purchased 800 acres, mostly small farms, located just west and north of Little Rock’s city limits.  Their goal was suburban development and, over the decades to follow, their dream came true.  Early in 1891, the first 10 blocks of the Pulaski Heights Addition were platted.

Other than the investors, Pulaski Heights had very few residents, until after 1903, when a streetcar line was extended from downtown Little Rock to the fledgling suburb.  What is now called the Hillcrest Historic District was part of this

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 Without question, Little Rock is a beautiful city, with older, traditional neighborhoods as well as exciting new areas.  And its growth over the past 30 years has been primarily towards the west.

In the late 1980s, Deltic Farm & Timber, one of the largest land owners in Pulaski County, owned approximately 7,000 acres near Shinall Mountain (spelled with an “s”), which lies between Highway 10 to the north and Kanis Road to its south.  Deltic Farm & Timber was founded many years ago by the Murphy Oil family from El Dorado, Arkansas.

In the mid-80s, Charles H. “Chip” Murphy III had a vision for this land that had previously been used exclusively for timber production and small cattle ranches.  He believed the hills and green forests could provide

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 One of the most celebrated neighborhoods in Little Rock, the area known today as The Heights has steadily evolved over the past 100 years.  In fact, it all began with the promise of streetcar service from downtown Little Rock to the small town located nearby to the west, known as Pulaski Heights.  

On Thanksgiving Day in 1903, the first electric street car traveled up Prospect Avenue (now known as Kavanaugh Boulevard), and this area where about a dozen families lived, became tied forever to Little Rock.

Just a few years earlier, the visionary founders of what would become the Country Club of Little Rock had chosen what was then considered a remote site on a hilltop along the eastern edge of Pulaski Heights.  This site offered wonderful views

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